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net/d39082eb Here’s the deal. Even if you have ZERO products to sell… this is your best bet. Even if you’re completely, utterly new to all this online marketing stuff… this is your best bet. It doesn’t even matter what niche you’re in – or even if you don’t know what niche you want to be […]

Look at the millions of quizzes online and you’ll see.

..people LOVE learning more about ONE subject in particular (Me, Myself, and I!) According to TIME Inc, 40% of the words we say in our lives are about ourselves. From Buzzfeed quizzes about what type of cheese you are to more “serious” assessments like the Kolbe and Strengthsfinder… Quizzes give us insight into our strengths […]

Fast food upsells are probably some of the best you’ll ever see in the world.

Let’s look at these rules. First and foremost when you buy a burger at a fast-food restaurant, have they ever asked you to buy another burger?Or, when you bought fries… have they ever asked you to buy another order of fries?Of course not!Because “more of the same” doesn’t just mean more of the same type […]