Fast food upsells are probably some of the best you’ll ever see in the world.

Let’s look at these rules. First and foremost when you buy a burger at a fast-food restaurant, have they ever asked you to buy another burger?

Or, when you bought fries… have they ever asked you to buy another order of fries?

Of course not!

Because “more of the same” doesn’t just mean more of the same type of product.

It goes beyond that.

When people say “more of the same” they mean more of the same value proposition.

Because when some marketers present their upsells, the upsells are often pitched as being the same thing as the product the customer just bought.

In their mind, the customer will feel that buying the upsell will just confuse them. Because they already have something to solve their problem. Why would they want to buy something else?

The key here is to look at where the main offer and the upsell overlap in content. Then, compare where they are different.

After which you focus on how the upsell complements the primary offer in your copy.

But, this is just step one.

Just focusing on the differences is not enough.

You have to sell how the differences in the upsell improve the results they’re getting from the base offer.

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