Fast food upsells are probably some of the best you’ll ever see in the world.

Let’s look at these rules. First and foremost when you buy a burger at a fast-food restaurant, have they ever asked you to buy another burger?Or, when you bought fries… have they ever asked you to buy another order of fries?Of course not!Because “more of the same” doesn’t just mean more of the same type […]

What Is Your Reputation Marketing IQ?

Take this FREE Quiz to find out. Once completed, you will have the power of knowing exactly where your strengths lie and where there might be room for improvement so that you can take actionable steps towards improving your brand’s online reputation. And because it’s automated, it takes just 60 seconds from start-to-finish! Go here […]

There’s a marketing concept called “damaging admission”.

.. which basically means you take a fault that your product has and you admit it, right upfront. It can increase your sales massively, no matter what it is you sell, create, or help people with. The #1 thing that most people get wrong with this concept is they use it in the wrong context. […]

New Digital Marketing Services Live!

Lucidx is pleased to announce an expansion of our services. As well as continuing with our current Amazon consulting services, we now offer e-commerce help off Amazon, including Shopify store optimisation, website design, social medial marketing and lead generation. Call 07830 129686 for more details. The digital marketing services you need to grow your business […]

The Secret To Increasing Sales For Your Car Dealership With Reviews.

Managing Your Online Reputation As a car dealer you already know Autotrader is the ultimate marketplace for selling new and used cars, but maybe you don’t know much about the pilot program they rolled out nearly three years ago. Even though they are the most trustworthy magazine and website when it comes to people buying […]