Cash In On Zero-click Purchasing

Did you know that if you can offer your customers one-click purchasing, you can’t legally advertise it? That’s because Amazon holds the patent on it. 


But what people don’t realize is that Amazon monopolizes zero-click purchasing, too. How? Through Alexa. 

Amazon has stealthily installed a full-time listening device into nearly all of the homes of the top 15% of the wealthiest households in the US. 


And there is a way you can – in as little as a week – automatically have a best-selling product that Alexa will recommend that a user purchase. 


Find out how this “should be impossible” result can be achieved:

Let’s be clear. This approach works if you have never sold anything on Amazon before, or even sold anything in general. 


It’s a matter of timing. There is a disruption taking place in the market, and Amazon is in on it, and they are – in a sense – begging people to follow their lead. And what do you think happens when you please the biggest online company in the world? 


You win profits. 

The window on this opportunity is shorter than I would like, but sometimes we can’t choose when and where opportunity will present itself.