[Warning] Your Job Might Be On This List.

How do you feel when you’re doing something you know is useless or can quickly be done by a machine?


Be honest.


Does it feel like your soul is dying little by little each day?

You’re not alone. 


Useless jobs are everywhere.


You’ve seen them. They’re the ones that if they disappeared tomorrow…no one would care because they didn’t really add value anyways.


I’m pretty sure you can think of one. (Or might even be in one.)

Sometimes they require you to do the same menial tasks over and over. 

Sometimes they’re in nice cushy office jobs perfect for playing solitaire or scrolling through Amazon.


What makes them bad isn’t the position.

It’s just that they aren’t necessary. 

And if you’re not paying attention – these jobs can slowly suck the life out of you.


Let me back up a little.


Some jobs exist for one reason – to keep people busy.


Useless jobs are basically positions that don’t perform any meaningful or essential work. 


These jobs can be found at any level and in any company. But they seem to grow more rapidly as a company expands in size and personnel. 


However, useless positions also pop up in smaller businesses. As part of a smaller organization, you might have a bigger chance of doing something more fulfilling.


But if those tasks are just a small portion of your day and the rest of the time you’re just doing “whatever,” it can be demoralizing—both emotionally and mentally.


We all want to contribute something meaningful to the world. Something that we can proudly look back at and say, “I did that.”


Let’s turn to some insight from David Graeber, an economic anthropologist, and co-founder of the Occupy movement. In Bullsh*t Jobs: The Rise of Pointless Work and What We Can Do About It, he writes: 

“A human being unable to have a meaningful impact on the world ceases to exist.”


(Check out David’s book when you get a chance.)


When you’re building your own business you have a hand in creating the value you want to contribute to the world. 


It won’t always be easy, but to experience freedom and live a meaningful life that leaves a legacy – now THAT is a reason to get up in the morning. 

Are you ready to see a greater return on your bottom line and your soul?

We all have tasks that we think are useless but need to do anyway. 

Sometimes it can be just as simple as checking your email, which may seem like a waste of time but could lead to an important message from the boss or client. 

Read this blog post for some insights into how you can make sure every moment counts;