Beta Testers Needed For Amazon Product Listing Makeover.

Do you have a product listed on Amazon that’s not making the sales you hoped for, but don’t know why?

I solve this!

As an Amazon Optimisation Analyst, I am looking for beta testers for my brand new ‘Amazon Product Listing Makeover’ service. Help us with our beta program and you could save 71%!

Here is what is included;

The aim is to increase your products exposure to Amazon’s hungry buyers within 14 days. Following this, you will be invited to attend a 60-minute consultation.

After the consultation, you will come away with actionable steps on how to grow and build on this solid foundation.

On launch this service will be £697+VAT ($997), however, if you help us with our beta test and provide us with feedback and a testimonial, the investment is just £197+VAT ($297).

I’m so confident that what you learn in this report will add value to your e-commerce business, that it comes with a Full Money Back Guarantee. What this means is that if you are not happy with the information contained in the report, simply let us know and we will give you a 100% refund!

Contact us  or call Deon on 07830 129686 now for more details.

Why Sell on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon has helped individuals and businesses increase sales and reach new customers. With Amazon is expected to reach $100 billion in annual sales within the next two years, Consider these benefits of selling on Amazon;

1. Online shoppers go to Amazon to do one thing only, buy!
2. Amazon has built-in trust, its customer’s payment card details are already saved. Plus Prime members receive free shipping on all eligible orders.
3. It has the Fulfilment By Amazon program (FBA), which has streamlined the fulfilment process. For a small fee, Amazon will handle the most of fulfilment and customer support tasks, which means no phone calls, no shipping problems and less hassle for you, the merchant.

However whilst Amazon makes it easy to list and fulfil your product it takes an effort to achieve success with a new product. Don’t think you’re going to list your product, write a lame description, sit back and make 100’s of sales per day. To make it big on Amazon and to stand out from the crowd you need to take into account the following points.

1.Optimise your listing with bullet points and descriptions that sell.Including the correct buyer, search keywords are crucial to ranking high in the Amazon A9 search engine.

2 Optimising your images. Probably one the most neglected important part of any listing, what is required to make your listing ‘pop’?

3. Getting reviews. Before most people will even consider buying your product you need 15-20 positive reviews, what is the best  way of getting and asking for these reviews?

There are many more thing things to consider as your business grows, however we think we have cracked the code to building a hugely successful business on Amazon.

The time to start selling on the Amazon is now, so contact us now for a free consultation and find out how we can get you off to the right start.

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