5 Stars In 60 Days!

As part of the 5 Stars In 60 Days beta program we will.

  1. Create an email server.
  2. Create a 5 step email sequence.
  3. Write ALL the email copy.
  4. Track all email opens and analytics.
  5. Create a custom private feedback page, see example here http://lucidx.co.uk/reviewdemo
  6. When a 5 star review is left, shoot a review commercial highlighting that review. Here is an example of a review commercial, http://youtu.be/Z3Bt2dYEt88  We use green screen technology, so if you provide a photo the spokes person can be positioned in your office, outside your business premises etc.
  7. Share and publicise the video review across your social media accounts.
  8. Monitor the main UK directory sites (Google+, Yelp, Yell etc) for a new reviews and notify you daily of any new positive or negative reviews.
  9. Set up and online Reputation Marketing Staff Training Center
  10. Create a media center

The goal is have at least one new 5 star review submitted within 30 days, and the review commercial created and online within 60 days.

To be part of our Review Commercial Beta Test the investment is just £147+VAT, a saving of over a £1000 from when this product is launched! 

Why is the investment so small you may be asking? Well, because I would like help to raise the standards of care homes in the UK and therefore and wish to serve more of them. Therefore in return for building a 5 Star reputation for you, I require a testimonial and 3 referrals from other reputable business owners you know in return. Sound fair? If so then please apply now.


After completing the discovery form below, we will be in touch again soon with further details. Any questions then please contact Deon on 020 3322 2176 or email [email protected]

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