Einsteinian profits replay ready

Horse supplements. Garden gnomes. Kosher beef gelatin.    On the replay below, the case is made that you should sell all of these “types” of products on Amazon, and all under one account.  Watch Here The products aren’t that important anymore. Yes, they all are super high quality. Yes, people love to buy them, that much is […]

Amazon isn’t happy, but…

People come on Amazon with a purpose: to buy.    Once someone is on Amazon, most of the time, it would take an enormous effort to convince them NOT to buy.    Which is why there are a ton of products from respectable companies and brands that sell on Amazon despite themselves.   Their listings are so bad it […]

Einstein & Amazon Profits?

Einstein said that compound interest was the eighth wonder of the world – he who understands it earns it, he who doesn’t, pays it.    People who try to make money online often fail because they want to see results too fast, and when that doesn’t happen, they quit.    But they don’t realise that […]

Profit From A Current Market Disruption

Right now, there are 157 million Amazon Prime members in the U.S. That’s about half the population of the entire U.S.  Even better… Of people who are 18 and older who live in the U.S., 3 out of 4 are Amazon Prime members.    There are more prime members than churchgoers, more prime members than those who […]

Too Ruthless An Approach? (Most Profitable I’ve Seen)

It’s anti-passionate. It’s a pure numbers game. It’s more a maths equation than anything, and it’s mostly plus, minus, multiple and divide stuff.  It sucks the soul and humanity out of it, but it’s so profitable, I’ve never seen so many beginning online marketers do so well with it so quickly.  And in this “on-demand” […]

Great Amazon Wealth Shift (Time-limited Replay)

Here’s the replay of the “Great Amazon Wealth Shift” training that took place. Watch it for free here: Watch Here Note: it is only free for a short time, because the information and insights in it are too good to leave it free to the public forever. So watch it now while you can.  Here’s […]

Cash In On Zero-click Purchasing

Did you know that if you can offer your customers one-click purchasing, you can’t legally advertise it? That’s because Amazon holds the patent on it.    But what people don’t realize is that Amazon monopolizes zero-click purchasing, too. How? Through Alexa.  Amazon has stealthily installed a full-time listening device into nearly all of the homes of the top 15% […]

The Han Solo Approach To Making It

Have you ever watched a movie with one of your favorite actors and thought, “man, that guy is lucky”? All that fame and fortune, the entire world at their fingertips . . .  In reality, there’s always more to the story than just sheer “luck”.  Instead, the path to success is almost always paved with relentless hustle, […]

Marketing Strategies That Don’t Always Work

Many of the strategies in the marketing playbook are there for a reason – because they work.    Companies have spent billions of dollars, and the world’s brightest minds have spent millions of hours figuring these out… with the goal to get in the minds of consumers, appeal to their innate human behaviours, and drive […]