Not Your Usual “Training” (Replay Video)

If you don’t like the balance in your bank account, or the way you have to spend your waking hours, these things aren’t set in stone.

You can change both.

However, that’s an oversimplification. It’s like telling someone who’s struggling with their weight… “You can change it! Just stop eating junk food and start exercising…” without ever really finding out why they are struggling with their weight.

It could be a number of things. 

Genetics, hormones, even income (yes, studies show that low income is linked to obesity for a number of reasons).

It’s the same with the balance in your bank account – or the fact that you have to, perhaps, spend your days working in a job that crushes your soul.

It would be super simple for me to say… 

“Well, just stop spending more than you earn and build a side income!”


I’ve heard this from a number of gurus before, and every time I see that it almost makes me sick. 

Because it misses the point of why you’re struggling.

And just like for people who struggle with weight, this could be a number of reasons.

Which is why this training was a breath of fresh air:

It’s not the type of training most people are used to.

My mentor Jason Fladlien has made sure this is not yet another training containing vague advice about how to succeed in a vacuum, but instead, he’ll show you things like…

• How to build a predictable, profitable business online without creating your own product – and, even more importantly, do it even if you’re under tremendous time pressure
• What the clever shortcuts are that you must take in 2021, and what the ones are that you should never even consider
• How to have the most difficult parts of an online business executed for you, without paying typical outsourcing fees

And much, much, more. 

This is a must see training… it gets my highest recommendation.