Why Shortcuts Are Dangerous (Sometimes)

“Shortcut” is a word that sells a lot of products – digital and otherwise.

For good reason, too. If you’re like most of us who are working on creating an income stream online, you’re stretched for time as it is.

If there’s a teenie-tiny chance of shaving off an hour, two, or more hours every day from the time it takes to build a profitable business online…

I’m all for it – and you should be, too!

It’s also what makes the word “shortcut” so dangerous.

A lot of marketers know you’re working hard to build something for yourself (and that you have a whole ton of other obligations – family, work, friends, local community, hobbies and what have you)…

… And they will market anything as a “shortcut”.

The problem is sometimes it ends up being the longer route.

The end result is that while a lot of people possess everything necessary to build a successful online business, most of them haven’t.

Here’s the thing.

While it is 100% correct that building an income online is more accessible than ever…

(As in, you don’t need a whole lot of experience, tech knowledge, a list, your own product, and so on… You can literally get by with a smartphone if you had to!)

… if you take the wrong shortcuts, you’re still going to be at the same place years down the road… with little to show for it.

Let’s look at the big picture.

Largely, you can lump the ways you can shortcut building a business online into 3 huge piles.

One is having “insider” knowledge that lets you do things faster and better than anyone else. Usually this is acquired through years of real-world experience in the trenches so to speak.

Another pile is having people do things for you. It’s a good approach, but can get expensive fast. And good luck finding people who are actually good at it – because the ones that truly are, just do it for themselves and keep all the money.

Finally, there’s software. A lot of what we do as marketers can be automated. And good software could be worth its weight in gold… while bad software will be a nightmare.

Now, what if you were able to combine all these 3 shortcuts into one holistic system…

That would take and shortcut the years it normally takes to start making money online… into perhaps 4 weeks?

This does exactly that:

This goes beyond having insider knowledge, beyond having one of the best teams of the world, beyond having state of the art software.

Discover what makes this more than the sum of its parts: