The Biggest Threat To Your Success.

Frankly, the biggest threat you’re facing right now – as far as your success is concerned – is distraction.

The average person gets distracted every 40 seconds by someone else, by a phone call, by a need to check out social media or news, and so on.

No good.

Not if you want to achieve your goals. 

Most people try to solve this problem by trying to overcome distraction. Meditation, deep breathing, yoga… and while all this has been proven to work great, it doesn’t have the immediate effect most of us are looking for.

Another approach is to limit the distractions.

A clever way I’ve seen is to tuck your phone away and work until your laptop’s battery runs dry – and your work day ends when the computer dies.

Smart. And pretty much impossible if your job depends on reacting to things.

There’s another approach… which is way more effective and way more suited to the way we work and live in 2021.

Use the distraction for your advantage.

Design an environment that distracts you with things that help you grow your business.

Here’s how:

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