You Touch It 150 Times A Day.

Chances are, right now, you’re holding your phone and reading this email on it. 75% of Gmail (the biggest email service provider there is) users are using it on their mobile devices.


The average person picks up their phone about 150 times per day.


Yet, if you asked someone to explain… in great detail… how an email is sent, how it reaches their phone, how is it able to display it, what they press in order to read it, and so on and so forth… you’ll be met with a blank stare.


“Jeez, I’m just trying to read an email”. 


It’s a perfect example of various algorithms ruling our lives.


And there’s also an algorithm that determines your wealth. Another that determines your health. Yet another for how much time (and how much of it is quality time) you spend with people you love.


There’s also an algorithm that determines the level of your prosperity. 


And the wonderful news is…


you can crack it… and make it get you any results you want!


Here’s a training from someone who has spent their entire career cracking different sorts of algorithms.

Once you watch this, you will no longer miss obvious opportunities. You’ll know exactly when to strike. 

You won’t force your way through problems anymore. Instead, you’ll know with 100% certainty what exact action steps you need to take, and you’ll execute them with laser-like precision and focus.

You’re going to become like a judo master who will use their opponent’s strength against them.

All of a sudden, you’re going to go after your goals with ease.

Now, here’s the thing. 

Your prosperity algorithm has about 62 different components. Each of them determines your level of prosperity. Out of those, 10 are critical, and those are the ones discussed on this training.

Think of them as the 20% which get 80% of your results.

Watch the replay here to experience this in your life: