How To Drive 168k+ Leads To Your Website

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How We Drove 168K+ Targeted Buyers To Our Website With Pinterest

Context matters when selling online.

For instance, on average, Pinterest is full of people who are trying to achieve something and are on Pinterest to get help doing this. 

That means that people on Pinterest are willing to take responsibility for something they’re trying to accomplish.  

Almost half of all Pinterest users are going on there to either buy something, or to research the thing they’re planning on buying. 

Pinterest is also really good at sending traffic to our websites, because they work hard to facilitate the end users’ happiness.  

Also, did you know that the majority of Pinterest users earn over $75,000 a year?

Oh, by the way, 91% of Pinterest users say that it’s a positive place, where they enjoy spending time.

Bottom line.

Pinterest is a social network where happy people with disposable income go to spend money, and they are easily reachable. 


YouTube is actually pretty great as well, the only problem is it’s more expensive, time-intensive and tech-intensive to produce content. 

They do make it a little bit harder to leave the YouTube platform in comparison to Pinterest.

If you’re already an advanced marketer and have all the equipment and feel comfortable on camera, I’d say YouTube is worth your time.  

Oh, and here’s a fun fact, once you’re ready to put videos on YouTube, be sure and put them on Pinterest too, because video is becoming very popular on Pinterest as well.   

Bottom line….

YouTube is full of DIY people, but requires more money, tech and presentation skills to stand a better chance at being successful.

Something to concentrate on once you’ve had success on Pinterest.


It’s the biggest social network in the world, so I can’t not mention it, but… 

It’s also becoming known as a fairly negative place, where people log on and are ready to debate and argue with other people for no good reason, it seems. 

Great if you can make it work, but be ready with a thick skin and constantly monitor your posts because people love to bash posts for its sport. 

Also, Facebook hates to send traffic away, so they limit how many people can see your posts – even those people who are on your friends list. 

Bottom line…

Facebook can mean big traffic if you pay to play and have a thick skin.  

Fact is, I believe when it comes to Pinterest that it’s really the best and easiest place to get traffic to an excellent service or product, and Pinterest is also happy to send traffic your way as well. 

Want to see how easy it is to get traffic from, and post pins to, Pinterest?  

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