I recall a few years back Fiverr was under fire for having gigs where you could buy fake testimonials.

Sadly, there was no shortage of buyers.

Why wouldn’t there be?

On the surface, fake testimonials are probably the easiest way to instant credibility that money can buy. 

Unfortunately, when you’re new on the scene, perhaps with a fresh offer with no testimonials, or with zero presence on the market, you may feel the need to give yourself a splash of much-needed credibility.

Here’s one way to get instant credibility even if you’re new in your market.

When you’re new on the market with zero testimonials, no track record, no proof..

You can lean into the wealth of proof behind your product’s method or story.

For example:

Is the core idea behind your product based on a large study, with lots of experts and a riveting story behind its discovery?

That alone pack’s loads of credibility in the offer.

Share the data. Tell the customer about the huge number of people behind the method. Tell the story and show the customer how much work went into your offer!

If the story, and the myth behind your product, is good enough…it alone is enough to give you that first spark of credibility needed to start making sales!

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