The Secret To Increasing Sales For Your Car Dealership With Reviews.

Managing Your Online Reputation

As a car dealer you already know Autotrader is the ultimate marketplace for selling new and used cars, but maybe you don’t know much about the pilot program they rolled out nearly three years ago. Even though they are the most trustworthy magazine and website when it comes to people buying cars, they knew conversation rates would spike it they could build up reviews for car dealers from past customers. So Autotrader invited a handful of dealerships to sign up for the program if they wanted to grow their business. If a company like Autotrader is promoting the benefits of reviews to sell more cars, do you think your dealership should be any different?

Reviews Are Essential.

It’s been shown businesses need to have around 6-10 reviews before they are considered trustworthy. It can be more difficult for car dealerships because you sell more expensive products, plus some bad apples in the industry have made the public more cautious of you. Unless you’re selling to previous customers, you must have a decent amount of 5-star reviews online, and you only need to see the direction Autotrader went in to know it’s true.

Introducing The 5 Star Sign Reputation Management Strategy

Imagine for a second you have an app on your tablet, and you ask everyone to sign in when they walk through the door of your car dealership. Not only will you have all their details in a clipboard format replacing the old-fashioned way you keep track of everything, but more importantly you’ll have their contact information, both email, and mobile phone number on your list. Thanks to our proprietary technology, we’ll be able to help you quickly acquire more reviews on autopilot which will help to grow your business by up to 19%.

How The 5 Star Sign In Review Strategy Works

After a customer has bought their car they’ll be euphoric in the following days, so the software will automatically send out text messages asking them if they want to leave positive feedback. If they say no they’ll be taken to a screen where they can air their grievances, and you can speak to them directly to resolve their problem before they leave a bad review online for the world to see. However if they say yes they’ll be taken to one of the major online review directories, for example, Google My Business, Yelp, and Yell, where they will rate you five stars and leave a glowing review. Even if they’re not signed into any of the directories, they’ll be sent to the relevant website so they can quickly sign up.

Extracting The Best Results Possible

People are going to be searching for car dealerships in Google and Bing, so we’ve built something special into the software. You’ll be able to redirect customers to the specific directories where you’ll see the best results possible because it’s pointless having 5-star reviews in places potential customers will never see them. With over 50% of people saying they would rather call a dealership with more 5 star reviews as opposed to one with lower prices and better Google rankings, it’s essential to be seen where people are looking, or you’ll always be losing money on your marketing.

Take A Look At The Results For Yourself

Lucidx invites you to spend 15 minutes to watch a training video, and see for yourself how much power reputation management has to transform your car dealership. In the video, you will get to see real-life case studies of the results our software has produced thanks to an increase in online reviews. We’ve seen the number of reviews increasing by 100% in 48 hours, and if you trust Autotrader, you don’t need anyone else to tell you how important they are. You just need to start building your list now by asking your customers one simple question capable of transforming your business, “can you sign in please?”

You can access the video here The password is, SignIn!

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