How Car Dealerships Are Making More Sales With Customer Reviews.


Do you know the best way to maximise your profits? It’s by leaving a lasting good impression on your current customers. A lot of satisfied customers will buy from you again and again; a 2014 survey revealed 32 percent of buyers wouldn’t go back to the same dealership because they were left unsatisfied. That means you’ll have to wait years for the customers you serve today to come back. If you want results right now, you have to continually generate new leads. The smart car dealerships in London, who combine lead generation with reputation management, are the ones who will succeed. Let’s look at why online reviews are vital to bringing in more customers.

The Amazon Phenomenon

According to a study by Nielsen carried out in 2015, two-thirds of people trust online reviews. The reason it’s called the ‘Amazon Phenomenon’ is because their review section is the most trusted on the internet, and it’s trained people into believing everything they read about a company or product is true. It’s worrying for consumers as they’ll buy anything with a high enough rating, even though a proportion of online reviews are fake. Fortunately, it’s something you can benefit from, and as long as you’re honest there is nothing wrong with acquiring real reviews and testimonials.

A Personal Recommendation

Everyone trusts their friends, and they listen to any recommendations they make. Marketers have been taking advantage of this for years with the help of email lists, by building up a relationship with their subscribers, they can then increase sales by recommending products. As far as the subscribers were concerned, they were listening to advice from a trusted friend. A study by Bright Local says that 88% of people now trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. So engaging with your list through an email which includes testimonials can bring in even more leads.

Customers Trust Google

No surprise Google has as much influence as Amazon in the eyes of buyers, because apparently if you’re sitting at the top of Google, your business is reliable. Around 31% of people click on the website at the top of the page, which could mean an avalanche of new leads. You can also dominate the first page by having reviews posted on the major local directories like Yelp, Yell, Hot Frog and so on. So if a prospect searches for “your car dealership reviews”, all these different web properties will show up full of past customers singing your praises. This can help you claim relevant keywords based on your location, but if you don’t rank for them you will lose leads, so it’s crucial to start working towards achieving these results now.

Reputation Management Is Not Just About Burying Bad Reviews

We’ve talked about people believing most things they read online with regards to reviews, but this can also work against you. If you have negative reviews, your shoppers are going to find them. You can’t get negative reviews taken down, but it is possible to bury them on the 2nd page of Google, so virtually no one will find them. When it comes to the search engines, you want the results to be ‘clean’ when someone types in your company name. Before most people visit your dealership, they will perform some research on you to see whether or not they should trust you. Remember having no reviews is just as bad having negative reviews.

Beat Competitors To The Sale

If you’re only just hearing about reputation management now, it’s likely competing car dealerships are still in the dark about it to. You need to know 85% of potential leads read between 6-10 online reviews, but as time goes on that number keeps increasing. In other words, the company with the most positive reviews will win the fight. Your competitors will accumulate their positive reviews organically, and if you’re proactive about acquiring as many as possible fast, you’ll end up siphoning off their customers. Everyone has the same tools at their disposal,  you need to start using them before your competitors.

Car dealer london reputation management

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