Please, Don’t Say This…

“The money is in the list.”




It’s one of those things that people like to say. It’s not wrong per se, but…you and I know that. Knowing that we should have a list is not the problem. 


But if you’ve been around for any amount of time, you know that there are two things wrong with that statement.


  1. The money is NOT in any list – in other words, all lists are not created equal. Fill your list with freebie seekers’ 3rd-spam-email-addresses and see how much money is in that list. 
  2. Building a good list is super hard and expensive. If you approach it the wrong way, you’ll spend way more money (and time) building it than you’ll ever make out of it.


Sorry to burst any bubbles.


However, if done right, almost every email on a good list can earn you thousands, plain and simple. 


Your email list is also a platform that you own – as much as it is possible to own anything in this digital world we live in. 


If you have your own profitable list, you’re not dependent on the whims of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook… or any other social media. 


The constant shifting ground, the ever-changing rules… is only half of the problem.


The other half is that if you try to reach your customers on social media, you’re fighting for scraps of their attention. There are videos for them to watch. There’s a risqué photo of “the one that got away”, an article that seems interesting… and so on.


Your marketing will have to be absolutely on point – and I mean at a multi-million-dollar level – to compete with that.


Is there a way around it?


Glad you asked.


You can circumvent all the noise happening online by leveraging something that’s centuries-old… yet unparalleled when it comes to capturing long term attention. (Which is what you want in the attention economy – the more attention anyone pays to anything, the more valuable it becomes to them).


My mentor Jason Fladlien noticed one of his students making waves with his new lead generation approach… and he’s going to share it with you tomorrow here:

It’s surprisingly simple… and it might just end all your traffic woes forever.