Scarcity is a powerful motivator – the less there is of a thing, the more that thing is worth, right?

It only works when it’s believable.

A big part of it is that your audience needs to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re going to stick to your guns.

It may take a while to establish that sort of reputation.

But once you do, you’ll see a steady conversion increase whenever you decide to deploy real scarcity.

Your reason for it also needs to be believable. And more often than not, it’s not that hard to come up with one… just takes a bit of practice – and honesty!

(And trust me – if you spend a little time coming up with any reason for your scarcity, you’re going to be miles ahead of most marketers who don’t even have a reason at all!)

Here’s a couple of examples of believable scarcity to get you started.

“The moment the deadline for this product hits at noon 3 days from now, my team will get to work onboarding all the new members. Which is why we won’t be able to accept any late entries.”

“Since the perfect size for a mastermind, in my experience, is under 7 people, that’s the number we’re accepting, no more no less.”

Remember these things and you’re going to be so far ahead of most marketers.

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