There’s a marketing concept called “damaging admission”.

.. which basically means you take a fault that your product has and you admit it, right upfront.

It can increase your sales massively, no matter what it is you sell, create, or help people with.

The #1 thing that most people get wrong with this concept is they use it in the wrong context.

The biggest mistake is to admit a minor flaw with your product… while a major flaw exists. 

In other words, you manipulate someone into trusting you and you hide a more serious flaw.

For example;
You’re selling a used car. There are a lot of cars like yours on the market, all of them seem in reasonably good condition.

Yours has two problems with it.

A minor dent in a place you can’t really see if you’re not really looking for it. The other is that in about 200 miles a £3,000 engine service is due.

So if you’re thinking short term you’d be tempted to reveal to the potential buyers that yes, there’s a dent, but keep quiet about the upcoming engine service.

However, for the long haul…you’d lose all your credibility and go out of business soon.

Admitting the biggest fault of your product will first, do wonders for your credibility, both short and long term, and second, it will let you make the sale easier and the refund rate lower.

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