Never Enough Hours?

If there are never enough hours in the day for you, you’ll find this interesting… and motivating.   You see… lately I’ve been lucky enough to observe up close and personal how top-level marketers work. How many hours they work, what do they work on, what they never do… things like that.   Let’s start at the beginning. […]

Their Hindsight Is 20/20 Of Course

Most personal development gurus are great at explaining your success (or your inability to succeed) after the fact. I have a tiny problem with them taking credit for some of their downright quacky tactics working if you succeed – it’s on their conscience… …but I have a big axe to grind with them for blaming you if you’re not […]

You Touch It 150 Times A Day.

Chances are, right now, you’re holding your phone and reading this email on it. 75% of Gmail (the biggest email service provider there is) users are using it on their mobile devices.   The average person picks up their phone about 150 times per day.   Yet, if you asked someone to explain… in great […]

The Biggest Threat To Your Success.

Frankly, the biggest threat you’re facing right now – as far as your success is concerned – is distraction. The average person gets distracted every 40 seconds by someone else, by a phone call, by a need to check out social media or news, and so on. No good. Not if you want to achieve […]

Your Life Is Controlled By These Things (Training Starts Soon)

Most often, you’ve probably heard the word “algorithm” in relation to computers or the internet.    Google runs on an algorithm. Things you see on your Facebook feed are displayed by an advanced algorithm that knows what you’re going to respond best to at any given time. Amazon shows things you can buy (and are most likely […]

The Great Con Of The Self-Help Industry

I think there’s a great con in the self-help industry that’s been going on for way too long.   It’s the “you attract what you focus on” kind of thinking.   They say if you focus on abundance, you’ll attract abundance. Focus on poverty, you end up attracting that into your life.   Don’t get me wrong… […]

You Don’t Learn This At School.

This breaks my heart… most people have no purpose in their life.   And if you have no purpose, all of the productivity advice in the world is useless.   “The circle of an empty day is brutal and at night it tightens around your neck like a noose.” – Elena Ferrante   Most people live empty days. […]

If Money Is The Root Of All Evil, What Is The Root Of All Good?

It’s probably one of the most misguided questions I’ve ever seen. Some people do believe that money is the root of all evil. There are also people who believe money can’t buy happiness. Then, you have people who think acquiring money will cost them something that they hold in much higher regard – time, relationships, […]

Not Your Usual “Training” (Replay Video)

If you don’t like the balance in your bank account, or the way you have to spend your waking hours, these things aren’t set in stone. You can change both. However, that’s an oversimplification. It’s like telling someone who’s struggling with their weight… “You can change it! Just stop eating junk food and start exercising…” without ever really finding […]

Why Shortcuts Are Dangerous (Sometimes)

“Shortcut” is a word that sells a lot of products – digital and otherwise. For good reason, too. If you’re like most of us who are working on creating an income stream online, you’re stretched for time as it is. If there’s a teenie-tiny chance of shaving off an hour, two, or more hours every […]